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Larens Dental Day Toothpaste and Night Toothpaste

Larens Dental Day Toothpaste and Night Toothpaste are two premium kinds of toothpaste that complement each other in synergy. Created to address different needs of oral care during day and night and to provide a 24 hours protection: Dedicated to morning and evening oral care. In compliance with the body’s circadian rhythm Complete benefits for healthy teeth and gums  Using the results of years of scientific research on collagen and stomatology  Highly concentrated, carefully selected active ingredients for oral hygiene and care for teeth, gums, and mouth  The 5 benefits…

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Liposomal collagen 20%

When science meets nature. The first reports on the effectiveness of the world’s first liposomal collagen look like the attached picture. Whoever wants to, let him believe. Who does not believe, let him try 😉 Buy it now : Concentrated face care serum containing 20% Liposomal Collagen Complex. An innovative combination of the natural fish collagen peptides and amino acids contained in a liposomal career that transports them into the deep layers of the skin, intensifying and prolonging their effects. It immediately shallows the wrinkles, noticeably increases skin density and initiates…

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