Flavon Green+ 240g


Vegetables are the source of phytochemical substances – not found in fruits – indispensable for the optimal functioning of our cells and organs, for keeping our health and improving the quality of our life.




Our Premium category vegetable-based product was mainly designed for people having a one-sided diet & consuming vegetables in low quantities. It was developed based on Flavon Green & the latest scientific results, in order to enhance the synergetic effects operating between the ingredients. Having ingredients with proven beneficial physiological effects that are at the cutting-edge of science, it supports health-conscious nutrition & lifestyle.

Aiming at enlarging the circle of consumers, one of the aspects we had in mind while selecting the ingredients was to design a product that can be consumed by young children, expectant mothers & the elderly as well.

It harmonises very well & advantageously with the fruit-based Flavon products, and can be combined with any of them.

The consumption of Flavon Green + is recommended

  • for all age groups, from children to the older generation
  • if you are looking for a vegetable-based product of high quality
  • if you would like to supplement your daily vegetable intake
  • if you would like to consume vegetables in a concentrated form


Recommended daily intake: 1 measuring spoon of product once or twice a day after meal. You can find the measuring spoon packaged with our product.

Detailed information about the nutritional values of Flavon Green + can be found on the package of the product, as well as under the Ingredients menu.

In Flavon Green + the vegetable ingredients are present in a concentrated form. The product’s important new ingredients are (1,3) – (1,6) β-D-glucan from yeast, which supports the immune system, curcumin, which has been known for its beneficial effects for ages, and Moringa Oleifera, which is rich in trace elements & vitamins, and greatly contributes to the high antioxidant activity. The presence of lipophile flavonoids & plant fibres with prebiotic effect (inulin) are also important elements of Flavon Green +.



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