LARENS WellU professional

What stands for exceptional effectiveness and immediately appreciable effects of treatments with the use of Larens Professional preparations? These certainly are distinctive compositions of recipes prepared by WellU laboratories. The formulations of each product are impressive. Among the diversity of active ingredients used, the important place is occupied by innovative substances with extraordinary properties in the field of skin care, with a special emphasis on the anti-aging action.

We are proud that many of them are unique, such as the flagship Biopeptide Complex with a cocktail of fish collagen peptides or BIO-Placenta – a biologically active vegetable bearing filled to the brim with beneficial active substances. We make every effort to be used in Larens Professional ingredients are of the highest quality, introduced in high (but optimal) concentrations and in such connections, to synergistic support, and not to exclude their actions. Importantly, the preparations are extremely efficient and allow great flexibility in the composition of their own treatments, also using apparatus.

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