All Family CBD 12 patches 20 mg/ 24 hours



20mg CBD I THC Free

APO Β 20mg Topical CBD Patch is a fast acting delivery system. Designed to give a slow release throughout the day and can be worn up to 24hrs.

Developed by the top UK patch experts using the finest high grade Swiss CBD.

* Chronic Pain

* Muscle Ache

*Nerve Pain

* Back Pain

*Knee Pain


The other type of cosmetic that deserves attention is fairly new to the EU market: CBD patches.

Similar in design and function to nicotine patches to quit smoking, or paracetamol patches for pain-killing purposes, CBD patches are fairly common in the more developed NA CBD market. The CBD does not pass through the skin (referred to as transdermal) which would require them to be a medical product, instead they slowly deliver their CBD load directly into the skin in the same way an ointment or lotion would.

Patches have the advantage over a more traditional cosmetic in that they allow for more specific dose control. Each patch will have a set amount of CBD, making it more precise when calculating how much CBD you get from it, as opposed to a cream where you have to estimate how much to apply. They are also cleaner – leaving no oily residue – but are difficult to apply to parts of the body with lots of hair or that have to bend. This does make them slightly less flexible in their use (as it would be difficult to apply them to hands and would look strange stuck onto one’s face) but the ability to discretely stick one to an upper arm and receive constant CBD over the course of a day is a major selling point. Whether a consumer wishes to use a traditional lotion, or a more precise but specialised patch will depend on their specific requirements and preferences.


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