Apothecary CBD broad spectrum 10% oil with Turmeric



  • Apothecary broad spectrum 10% oil with Turmeric
  • Apothecary Collection: indulgence on your terms, in your time
    • In a busy world, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Take back some time to pause, reflect and rewind.
    • The Apothecary Collection combines the finest quality CBD with a cornucopia of delicious flavours, fragrances
    and active ingredients, all blended to help boost a healthy mind and body.
    • Join the wellness revolution with Apothecary Collection, CBD infused indulgence, on your terms, in your time.
    • Our signature CBD oral drops are infused with terpenes for a naturally delicious flavour. Terpenes are the essential oils that give plants their unique aromas. They also offer a host of wellness benefits and are the reason why fruits, berries, pine trees and lavender all smell so amazing.
  • Registration in Novel Food
  • THC 0%
  • FARM – We can account for your product from seed to shelf.
  • Group 593RESEARCH – This is supported by our research facility, which studies varieties and breeding using modern technologies, to keep you at the cutting edge of cannabis related products.
  • Group 592EXTRACTION – Our extraction process facilitated the production of the highest standard cannabis extract, and gives you complete confidence in your product.


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