Cream body highlighter Body Shimmer 50 ml



What is the product?

Body highlighter in cream adds a unique glow to the skin, making the body look spectacular and sensual.

With sparkling pigments, the skin takes on a radiant glow, giving the appearance of vitality. Reduces the appearance of minor imperfections.

🔻Over 96% ingredients of natural origin.🔻

Body Shimmer Larens Colour has been created for women who want to add a special effect to their skin for an eye-catching and glamorous look.

🔻The illuminating particles are 100% of natural origin.🔻

This limited-edition product has an extremely feminine fragrance that makes application enjoyable, but also stays subtly on the skin to delight you with its aroma.

Body Shimmer is not only a feast for the senses, but also a care, of which there is a wealth in this product, because Larens Colour is more then makeup

In the composition of the highlighter you will find moisturising olive oil, squalane and Hydromanil™, nourishing avocado oil and anti-ageing vitamin E and coconut water. And we haven’t forgotten our flagship Biopeptide Complex and softening allantoin.

The cream highlighter is also a quick-drying formula that prevents excessive product transfer to clothing. Apply the cosmetic dynamically to selected areas of the body.

Use for special occasions or to celebrate your body whenever you feel like it!

What are the effects and benefits?

  • 🔻gives the skin a sensual glow and radiant radiance.
  • 🔻supports skin care with its care-rich composition
  • 🔻reduces the appearance of small imperfections
  • 🔻pampers with a pleasant fragrance
  • 🔻boosts self-confidence

To whom do we recommend this product?

Anyone who wants to shine!


Body Shimmer is a cosmetic designed for the exposed parts of the body, for special occasions or no occasion, depending on your mood

What makes it stand out?

  • over 96% ingredients of natural origin
  • the illuminating particles are 100% naturally derived
  • exceptional shine and WOW effect on the skin
  • pleasant and pampering fragrance
  • universal shade to suit every skin tone
  • quick-drying formula that does not transfer onto clothing
  • care-rich formulation designed for the condition of your skin
  • compact and hygienic packaging