Larens Bio Renew Hialuron Serum 50 ml




Innovative serum of rich, 100% natural composition. Created for skin that requires firming, is dehydrated, lacks elasticity and radiance. The recipe is based on the BIO RENEW concept that combines three revolutionary complexes: BIO-PlacentaBiopeptide Complex and Phytodermina Lifting®. The serum is free of irritating emulsifiers and thickeners, doesn’t contain preservatives.
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Product dermatologically tested.

Innovative serum of rich, 100% natural composition. Created for skin that requires firming, is dehydrated, lacks elasticity and radiance.

The recipe is based on the BIO RENEW concept that combines three revolutionary complexes: BIO-Placenta with a complex of bioactive growth factors from the plant placenta, Biopeptide Complex with regenerative fish collagen peptides, and Phytodermina Lifting® full of lifting oligosaccharides. Their properties are complemented by remaining, synergically coupled ingredients that aim to deeply moisturize and improve skin hydration, provide a lifting effect, smoothen the skin, fill up the cavities in its structure, regenerate and protect it. 

We know how vital for the product’s composition it is to choose safe additional substances. That’s why the BIO RENEW Serum recipe only contains natural emulsifiers and conditioning compounds. We are selecting substances like e.g. pentiol eco, which not only exhibits caring properties, such as moisturizing and enhancing serum’s skin barrier penetrating capacities, but also, used in proper concentration, protect the product against the development of fungi mold, and bacteria.

  • deeply moisturizes, hydrates
  • firms, provides a lifting effect
  • regenerates, stimulates cellular renewal
  • has rejuvenating and anti-wrinkling properties
  • nourishes and strengthens
  • brights up and smoothens
  • improves skin protective barrier

BIO RENEW CONCEPT – three complexes: 

BIO-Placenta – plant placenta is a source of highly concentrated biostimulines – biologically active molecules that deeply penetrate the skin. After the age of 18, the production of the growth factors decreases rapidly – the ageing process begins. BIO-Placenta is an innovative complex containing five different growth factors: EGF, IGF-1, Acidic FGF, Basic FGF, VEGF, and vitamin B9, which synergistically stimulate the cellular renewal of the epidermis and fibroblasts. It has firming properties – improves the face contour, prevents wrinkles and ageing. By stimulating the collagen synthesis and the new cells growth it promotes skin renewal and revitalizes.

Biopeptide Complex – a complex patented by WellU containing a valuable combination of oligopeptides and polypeptides, which provide immediate and long-lasting moisturization in all the layers of the skin. The effect of their use in cosmetics is resilient skin, filled up wrinkles and unevennesses. Peptides are used to carry active ingredients deep into the skin. They have energizing properties, stimulating skin cells to produce collagen and elastin, preventing skin sagging. They help fight discolouration, brighten and even skin colouring.

Phytodermina Lifting® – natural plant compound (a concentrated solution of cyclic oligosaccharide). Exhibits moisturizing properties and provides an immediate lifting effect by creating an invisible film on the skin and improving skin’s surface tension. Skin becomes smoother, brightened and gains natural radiance.

Carrageenan – an ingredient deriving from sea algae, an alternative to synthetic silicone. By binding with epidermal proteins, it creates a “second” skin layer. Has lifting and smoothing properties – visibly cares for the skin by providing it with essential nutrients. Unlike the synthetic silicone, it enables the skin to breathe, does not irritate it, does not clog the pores and doesn’t contribute to creating blackheads. In synergy with Phytodermina Lifting®, it provides spectacular effects. 

Lactic acid – softens the skin and prepares it for accepting beneficial ingredients, enabling them to penetrate into the skin’s structure. It deeply moisturizes and stimulates the production of ceramides (intercellular binder) also making the skin better protected and smoothened. 

Asiatic pennywort extract – provides a significant improvement in hydration, and in consequence, skin firmness. Pennywort’s stem cells delay skin ageing processes, improve the tension in cell membranes which can be observed in the reduction of wrinkles and the radiant skin effect. 

Hyaluronic acid low and high molecular – one of the basic functions of the hyaluronic acid is keeping the water in the extracellular matrix. The effect is intense hydration, improvement in elasticity and shallowing of wrinkles.

Jojoba oil – regulates sebum secretion and by doing so reduces the creation of blemishes and skin inflammation. Being a natural emollient, it builds the hydrolipid coat of the skin.

Rice oil – a source of valuable fatty acids (oleic and linoleic) that soften, smoothen and moisturize the epidermis, and other beneficial ingredients such as rejuvenating gamma oryzanol or antioxidant tocopherol. Rice oil helps in the skin cell regeneration and postpones the ageing processes. It enhances the properties of lactic acid.

Squalane – by providing nourishing substances, it deeply moisturizes and oxygenates the skin. It prevents the creation of age spots and damages caused by UV radiation. It stimulates the growth of cells and has antibacterial properties. 

Retinyl palmitate – vitamin A in the form of pro retinol, which in the skin converts into retinol – the basic form of vitamin A. It rejuvenates the skin, firms, brightens and regenerates it, strengthens collagen fibers, restores skin elasticity.

THC 0% 


Take a small amount of serum, delicately spread it and then tap into the clean skin of face, neck, and cleavage. To avoid disrupting skin from accepting the richness of the serum’s active ingredients in the highest extent, do not rub the serum too intensely into the skin. For the same reason, a regular exfoliation is recommended, e.g. with Larens Enzymatic Peeling. 

Bio Renew Serum for every day use, as a soothing and moisturizing essence (ideal under make up).

Try it also as a rejuvenating night treatment. Use the product in the evening and in the morning enjoy radiant beautiful and healthy complexion

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