Larens Colour Double Effect Mascara



💥Caring mascara with a double brush for double effect.
The package contains two ink tanks, and in them – two different brushes:
  • 📍dense, made of classic bristles THICK+VOLUME – evenly distributes the mascara on the hair, provides three-dimensional thickening and increases the volume of eyelashes
  • 📍silicone LENGHT+CURL – lengthens them, curls and lifts them, and thanks to the flexibility of the head, it reaches even the shortest hairs
Paint your eyelashes the way you like and need or combine the effects and build an intense evening look.
Both brushes perfectly separate eyelashes, evenly distribute mascara without forming lumps, even in the case of repeated application of mascara.
Already a one-time application provides perfectly separated, naturally elongated and subtly curled eyelashes or thickened with increased volume. Double Effect Mascara is not only a recipe for a seductive, natural look and visual “opening” of the eye, but a mascara that cares for eyelashes like a care serum.
📍Makeup that nourishes
The creamy emulsion with a deep black color has been enriched with the cult Biopeptie Complex, i.e. a cocktail of fish collagen peptides, obtained by a method patented by the manufacturer, maintaining the bioactivity of beneficial peptides.
Peptides strengthen eyelashes, stimulate their growth and regeneration. Double Effect Mascara is ideal for delicate eyelashes, including those weakened after removing artificial tufts or during the recovery period after diseases.
The mascara formula contains the addition of nourishing plant extracts from soya beans, wheat germ, and plant waxes – rice and Carnauba – which, in addition to elasticity, gives lashes a velvety smoothness and affects their strong, breakage-resistant structure.
📍Durability and quality of makeup without compromise
In Double Effect Mascara, care has been taken to ensure that durability and great application parameters are obtained using the most delicate ‘technical’ ingredients that do not burden the delicate structure of eyelashes and do not irritate the eye area. Makeup lasts a long time and is resistant to smearing and falling off. It will stay with you until you remove the makeup.
Benefits :
  • 📍two effects in one product: naturally elongated, curled and raised at the base of the eyelash or three-dimensionally thickened with increased volume
  • 📍optically “opens” and defines the shape of the eye, providing a seductive, natural look
  • 📍acts as a care serum: strengthens, stimulates eyelashes to grow and regenerate
  • ideal after removing artificial tufts or during the period of weakness, convalescence after loss of eyelashes
  • 📍provides eyelashes with elasticity, prevents them from falling out and breaking
  • creamy, rich texture in deep black, trouble-free in application
  • 📍both brushes provide great separation of eyelashes, an even layer of mascara, without lumps, gluing hairs, even when applying the next layer
  • 📍delicate formula, without burdening eyelashes and the risk of irritation
  • 📍durable, without the effect of falling off or smearing
Biopeptide Complex – a cocktail of fish collagen peptides, obtained patented, maintaining the bioactivity of beneficial peptides. Peptides are known for their beneficial effects on hair. As a unique ingredient in Double Effect Mascara, peptides prevent eyelashes from falling out, regenerate them and stimulate growth, so that the lash line thickens and strengthens. It is an excellent support for eyelashes returning to form after weakness, illness or after removing artificial tufts.
Carnauba wax – natural plant wax obtained from the leaves of the Brazilian copernicia palm Copernicia cerifera. As a component of mascara, it makes eyelashes more elastic, gives them elasticity and resistance to crushing and falling out. In addition, it nourishes and cares for eyelashes.
OryzaSativa Cera – rice wax – smooths and softens, increases hair elasticity, and adds softness and volume.
Panthenol – moisturizes, improves the hair’s keratin water-binding capacity, and absorbs into the hair where it is transformed into the biologically active vitamin B5.
Baikal thyroid root extract (Scutellariabaicalensis) – extracted from a plant used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Antioxidant, rich source of flavonoids.
Gluconolactone – has antioxidant and moisturizing effects, boosts cell renewal, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis
Wheat germ extract – provides hair elasticity, prevents breakage, protects against moisture loss, moisturises, smoothens and softens. Contains high levels of vitamin E.
Soya bean extract – forms an occlusive layer on the hair surface to prevent excessive water evaporation. Antioxidant-rich in vitamin E.