Larens Dental Night Toothpaste



Premium-class toothpaste was created for night-time hygiene maintenance and oral care of teeth, gums, and mouth.

Contains a spectre of active ingredients selected for strong and beautiful teeth and healthy gums. The potential of these ingredients is released during the night-time regeneration of your organism.

Using the results of years of unique scientific research over the use of fish collagen peptides in stomatology allowed for the creation of a particular significance for the prophylaxis of gums and periodontium diseases, such as periodontitis.

The toothpaste does not contain fluorine.

Larens Dental Night Toothpaste  provides the 5 most important benefits for your teeth and gums, in compliance with the needs of oral care during sleep:

  • regeneration of gums and oral mucosa
  • whitening, removing sediment and dirt
  • remineralization
  • antiseptic properties
  • soothing damages of gums and oral mucosa

Larens Dental Day Toothpaste and Night Toothpaste are two premium kinds of toothpaste that complement each other in synergy. Created to address different needs of oral care during day and night and to provide a 24 hours protection.

  • Dedicated to morning and evening oral care. In compliance with the body’s circadian rhythm
  • Complete benefits for healthy teeth and gums
  • Using the results of years of scientific research on collagen and stomatology
  • Highly concentrated, carefully selected active ingredients for oral hygiene and care for teeth, gums, and mouth

The 5 benefits of daily use:

  • Multifunctionality and 24 hours protection
  • High-class active ingredients
  • The high concentration of active substances
  • Efficiency
  • Outstanding effectiveness in fulfilling its tasks


Regeneration of gums and oral mucosa:
Biopeptide Complex – fish collagen peptides in the form of so-called ‘black collagen’. They are responsible for the regeneration of gums and oral mucosa, so important for the health of teeth and for the periodontium diseases prophylaxis. A world-unique ingredient that is an innovative combination of natural fish collagen peptides and amino acids that initiate long-term regeneration processes in the oral tissue that’s built of collagen.
Whitening and sediment removal
  • silica
  • cellulose
Two kinds of natural abrasives are extremely effective in safe removal of sediment and whitening of the teeth without posing any risk of enamel damage. Silica additionally
Sediment removal
  • red clay
  • activated carbon from bamboo
  • activated carbon from coconut
  • kaolin (white clay)
Four natural substances of extremely strong absorbing properties: they remove dirt, prevent plaque creation that causes caries and periodontium diseases, deal with discolourings and plaque, naturally whitening the enamel. Natural clays mineralize the enamel, strengthening it.
The mineralizing extract from red algae Lithotaminium calcareum – a record-setting source of calcium and minerals, known for its bioavailability, exhibits a higher impact on calcium management than calcium from different sources does. It is perfect to fill the micro-cavities in teeth, it also strengthens the blood vessels in gums and oral mucosa, making them less prone to irritations.
Antiseptic properties
  • rock salt
  • aloe
  • echinacea
  • sage
  • tea tree extract
  • witch hazel
As much as six active substances of antiseptic properties work in synergy to support the inhibition of the development of bacteria that are responsible for mouth inflammations. The witch hazel additionally strengthens gums and prevents bleeding, while the tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant.
Contained in sage, tannins, essential oil and carnosol inhibit the reproduction of fungi and bacteria responsible for the development of many infections in the mouth.
Soothing damages of gums and oral mucusa
  • aloe
  • echinacea
Two plant extracts that are meant to soothe irritations in the mouth which is significant for the gums inflammation prophylaxis.
Aloe additionally exhibits moisturizing and regeneration properties It reduces plaque.
Echinacea (purple coneflower) is a plant traditionally used in folk medicine to cure gum diseases. It accelerates their healing, reduces their sensitivity, limits bleeding. It stimulates the immune system reducing its susceptibility to inflammation within the mouth.