Larens SET 2: Gla Face Cream + Bio Renew Serum + Enzymatic Peeling + Neuropeptide Gel Eye & More



Set 2 plus Christmas 🤶 box 

  • 1. Gla Face Cream
Luxurious cream of intensive properties, intended for mature skin that is demanding, dried and has compromised hydrolipid barrier. It contains the unique Liposomal Collagen Complex – a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes and the GLA Complex with precious gamma-linolenic acid. It regenerates, firms, strengthens, and nourishes the skin, stimulating it to regenerate at the cellular level.
A revolutionary, improved formula of the product is not only about the Liposomal Collagen Complex – fish collagen peptides in liposomes for even better effects. We made sure that the new GLA Face Cream would contain only natural preservatives, emollients, and additional ingredients. Therefore, the new formula features, i.a., carrageenan – a “natural silicone” that is safe for your skin and shouldn’t give you any concerns, as well as natural scent compositions free of allergens. We can’t help but brag that the composition of the new serum is 99.6% natural.
GLA Face Cream has an ultra-rich, creamy formula. It is ideal for use as a day and/or night cream.
  • 2. Bio Renew Serum

Innovative serum of rich, 100% natural composition. Created for skin that requires firming, is dehydrated, lacks elasticity and radiance.

The recipe is based on the BIO RENEW concept that combines three revolutionary complexes: BIO-Placenta with a complex of bioactive growth factors from the plant placenta, Biopeptide Complex with regenerative fish collagen peptides, and Phytodermina Lifting® full of lifting oligosaccharides. Their properties are complemented by remaining, synergically coupled ingredients that aim to deeply moisturize and improve skin hydration, provide a lifting effect, smoothen the skin, fill up the cavities in its structure, regenerate and protect it.

We know how vital for the product’s composition it is to choose safe additional substances. That’s why the BIO RENEW Serum recipe comes 100% from nature, contains only natural emulsifiers and conditioning compounds. We are selecting substances like e.g. pentiol eco, which not only exhibits caring properties, such as moisturizing and enhancing serum’s skin barrier penetrating capacities, but also, used in proper concentration, protect the product against the development of fungi mold, and bacteria.

  • 3. Enzymatic Peeling
An enzymatic face peeling based on the power of three plant enzymes: papain, ficain, and bromelain. The synergy of highly concentrated active ingredients works towards delicate, but effective removal of dead epidermis without a need to rub and risk irritations. Regularly applied, peeling has comprehensive properties: it smooths, improves skin’s blood circulation, preparing it for next treatments, it evens skin’s colouring, moisturizes, and soothes irritations.
Larens Enzymatic Peeling is a perfect product for skin demanding cleansing and radiance restoration.

The exfoliating effect is provided by three natural plant proteolytic enzymes: papain from papaya fruit, ficain from fig fruit, and bromelain from pineapple. When applied on the skin in the correct concentration, they exhibit abilities to dissolve dead, callus epidermis cells. What’s important is that they only affect the surface, they do not require rubbing, so they do not cause irritations and are safe even for the most sensitive and couperose skin.

  • 4. Neuropeptide Gel Eye & More
  • Intensive point serum for eyes and mime wrinkles. Contains a complex of bioactive fish collagen peptides and SYN®-AKE – a neuropeptide that mimics the properties of the viper’s (Temple viper) venom, relaxing and inhibiting muscle contractions and combating mime wrinkles.
    The rich composition of the product rejuvenates and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes, ensures high moisture level and, thanks to the ingredients stimulating the microcirculation, it visibly lightens up the shades and reduces edema.


    Winner of the prestigious poll Qltowy Kosmetyk 2018 in the category Face – eyes area care.