LipoColl Serum + 1 sachet BIO Renew Tissue Face Mask


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Concentrated face care serum containing 20% Liposomal Collagen Complex. An innovative combination of the natural fish collagen peptides and amino acids contained in a liposomal career that transports them into the deep layers of the skin, intensifying and prolonging their effects. It immediately shallows the wrinkles, noticeably increases skin density and initiates long-term repair processes.
99.98% of natural ingredients.
What’s important is that for the creation of the Liposomal Collagen Complex no irritating or toxic solvents, emulsifiers, conditioners, preservatives were used. Therefore the product is safe for allergic and sensitive skin demanding special treatment.


Revolutionary compressed mask for a face, with a complex of bioactive growth factors from the plant origin BIO-Placenta, regenerative fish collagen peptides Biopeptide Complex and oligosaccharides Phytodermina Lifting® of lifting properties. Deeply moisturizing, it firms the skin and stimulates the cellular renewal.
Larens BIO Renew Tissue Face Mask is a weekly anti-ageing renewal ritual that provides an immediate yet long-lasting effect of youthful, firm and radiant skin.
  • cellular renewal
  • facelift
  • hydration
  • regeneration
The fabric of the mask is a subtle and nice-to-touch combination of the nano-silk and tree cellulose. The product is unique an innovative. It is constructed in a way that allows the mask to perfectly stick to the face contour, while the knitted structure wonderfully contains the product mass not allowing it to leak on the sides. You can be sure that this delicate compress will generously give up the active ingredients contained in Larens BIO Renew Tissue Mask only to the skin of your face.
Product awarded with “Innovation LNE” of 39th LNE Congress and Fair – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques.
Larens Bio Renew Tissue Face Masks received the BEPPA award at the WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2019 fair – the Golden Cup for the innovative product of the highest quality WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2019 AUTUMN.


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