Nutrivi Detox UP 138,3 g



A ‘green detox’ smoothie. A natural composition of plant extracts and active ingredients for daily support of detoxification and purification processes in the body. Contains a combination of ingredients supporting: regulation of metabolic processes, control of blood sugar levels, regulation of kidney and liver function. Rich source of antioxidant, detoxifying chlorophyllin, vitalising vitamins, minerals. It supports the body in the health prevention, in the pursuit of well-being, lightness and vitality.

📍Who is the DetoxUP dietary supplement intended for?

  • ✅anyone who wants to naturally support the body’s process of cleansing toxins, heavy metals, metabolic residues
  • ✅anyone who wants to support the digestive system, liver, kidneys, intestines
  • ✅people who are concerned about their figure, wish to regulate their appetite and reduce flatulence
  • ✅people who struggle with edema, water retention and the resulting feeling of heaviness
  • ✅active and ex-smokers who want to take care of themselves after quitting stimulants
  • ✅people who lead active lifestyle and participate in sports, to support regeneration processes after exercise
  • ✅anyone who wants to feel more energy and vitality
  • ✅people with skin problems due to poor diet or the effects of stimulants
  • ✅people who want to change their eating habits, enrich their diet with the power of green vegetables
  • ✅people who want to supplement their diet with the active ingredients contained in the supplement

Synergic combination of 11 natural ingredients in one product for DetoxUP Effect!

  • Rich source of chlorophyllin and chlorophyll, sucessfull in supporting the body’s detoxification
  • Antioxidant booster, aiming in the oxidative stress, and so the inflammation
  • Source of minerals, including valuable elements like selenium or copper
  • Superfood Power! – the power of plant extracts rich in ingredients of exceptionally high value for health and vitality

📍What active ingredients does the DetoxUP green smoothie contain?

Cactinea™ (prickly pear extract), alfalfa herb extract (source of sodium copper chlorophyllin, copper), white mulberry leaf extract (source of sodium copper chlorophyllin, 1-DNJ 1-Deoxynojirimycin, copper), inulin (natural prebiotic), chlorella (standardised for 50% protein), kale leaf extract, broccoli leaf extract, spinach leaf extract, green parsley leaf extract, nettle leaf extract, Lynside® Forte Se+ 2000 (inactivated selenium-enriched yeast)

📍What makes the DetoxUP green smoothie different?

  • Convenient powder form – a quick and easy way to make a portion of a green apple-flavoured smoothie
  • A pleasant way to get a daily dose of ‘green detox’ – a healthy part of your diet
  • The green power of chlorophyllin and chlorophyll – not from one, but from several different natural sources
  • Not just chlorophyll – a synergistic combination of many unique ingredients, natural extracts for a more complete and effective action


📍How does the ingredients in DetoxUP work?

  • Support the detoxification processes of the body, helping to excrete harmful compounds from the body, e.g. heavy metals (chlorella)
  • Help to maintain a slim figure, control appetite and blood glucose level, support fat metabolism (Cactinea™, alfalfa herb extract) and balance carbohydrate metabolism (white mulberry leaf extract)
  • Support renal and urinary function (green parsley leaf extract, nettle leaf extract, alfalfa herb extract)
  • Help in reducing swelling due to water retention in the body (nettle leaf extract)
  • Support digestive and liver health (chlorella)
  • Help increase level of energy, vitallity (nettle leaf extract, chlorella), energy metabolism (copper)
  • As a rich source of antioxidants, chlorophyll, phytochemicals, they offset oxidative stress (green vegetable extracts, selenium, chlorella)
  • Support the immune system (selenium, copper)
  • Support problematic skin (nettle leaf extract), help maintain beautiful hair and nails (copper, selenium)