SET 1: Biopeptide Serum Spray 150 ml + Hydro Balance Face Cream




Hydro Balance Face Cream 50 ml

Ultra-moisturizing cream for any skin type care. It contains the unique Liposomal Collagen Complex – a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes and a cocktail of active ingredients that provide and maintain the hydrolipid balance of the skin. Thanks to its light consistency it gets easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft, moisturized, and radiant. The revolutionary formula – contains only natural preservatives.
A revolutionary, improved formula of the product is not only about the Liposomal Collagen Complex – fish collagen peptides in liposomes and liposomal Hyaluronic acid for even better effects. We made sure that the new Hydro Balance Face Cream would contain only natural preservatives, emollients, and additional ingredients. Therefore, the new formula features, i.a., carrageenan – a “natural silicone” that is safe for your skin and shouldn’t give you any concerns.