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Christmas Gifts Sets

Ready for Christmas? Yes, yes, we know it’s only October. We’d love to get you feeling the magical atmosphere of Christmas at WellU as soon as possible, so we’re launching Gift Sets now.

From 1.10 onwards, we are introducing the crème de la crème of the Christmas preparation period. Christmas sets of products at attractive prices are already waiting for you and your customers.

Variants of the Christmas sets To meet your expectations, this year we are offering you two solutions for purchasing the kits, including options with or without a packaging service.

•    Christmas sets with cardboard boxThis type of Christmas Set includes WellU products at an attractive price plus a cardboard box with a wrapping which you assemble yourself and pack the products in. We know that some of you buy Christmas Sets for purposes other than giving them to your loved ones or composing gifts from parts of the Sets. The cardboard box you receive in your order in this variant can be used freely, just like the products. A set of this kind gives you freedom and freedom of action!
•    Christmas sets with a cardboard box and packaging serviceWant to buy a ready-made set of products lying on a lovely hay in a festive cardboard box? This is also possible! Thanks to the variant of sets with wrapping service you can send a gift directly to the person you want to give it to via WWWW. The gift is a ready-made present, just waiting to be handed over to your loved one. You don’t have to assemble the box yourself and put the products in it. We recommend it to those who are determined! 
*Note: Not every Christmas Kit is available with a packaging service. If you would like to receive a wrapped kit, look for this icon next to the product image:

Order a Christmas cardboard box 

We assume that many of you will find a lot of fun in composing your own gifts from WellU products, which is why we are also introducing a small and a large Christmas cardboard box.

•   Small Christmas cardboard box with a jolly reindeer WellU is a perfect solution if you want to give your loved ones as a gift Larens Colour color cosmetics awarded with the “Innovation 2021” distinction. 16 x 10 x 6,5 cm
•   A large white Christmas cardboard box with a navy blue band will fit one, two or three WellU products inside (depending on the product combination of course).  22 x 13 x 10 cm—
The WellU Christmas gift factory is in full swing. The evocation of Christmas atmosphere is underway!

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