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Feel heavy, under the weather, and lack energy? Start spring with DetoxUP!

Toxins, pollutants, and residues of metabolic processes are like uninvited guests or intruders. They enter with food, water, medicines, air, and other substances with which we come into contact. They circulate through the body and accumulate in it, affecting our mood, the course of numerous vital processes, our appearance, and our health!

The human body has its own ways to remove pollutants and harmful substances. However, with large amounts accumulated over a long period of time, it may not be able to cope with them on its own. Give your body support to regain lightness, breath, and vitality. Start each day with DetoxUP!

Green smoothie for health

DetoxUP dietary supplement from Nutrivi is a multi-ingredient green detox smoothie with a detoxifying and cleansing effect – a natural composition of more than a dozen plant extracts and active ingredients for daily support of the body’s detoxification and cleansing processes. 

How does a green smoothie for health work?

• Cleanses and detoxifies the body

• Eliminates bloating and gives a sense of lightness in the abdomen

• Eliminates swelling and promotes removal of excess water from the body

• Supports weight loss and helps keep fit by regulating appetite, keeping sugar levels after meals, and supporting fat and carbohydrate metabolism

• Supports the function of kidneys, liver, and intestines

• Positively influences the condition of skin, hair, and nails

• Adds energy, vitality, and lightness

A glass of DetoxUP is your daily serving of health. One product provides “green power,” i.e., chlorophyllin and chlorophyll, antioxidants, valuable minerals,and phytochemicals, from many natural sources.

Synergistic combination of 11 natural ingredients in one product for DetoxUP Effect!

• Rich source of chlorophyllin and chlorophyll, effective in supporting detoxification of the body

• Antioxidant booster, targeting oxidative stress and inflammatory processes

• Source of minerals, including valuable elements, such as selenium and copper

• Superfood power! – the power of plant extracts rich in ingredients of exceptionally high value for health and vitality 

What active ingredients are included in the DetoxUP green smoothie?

Cactinea™ (prickly pear extract), alfalfa herb extract (source of sodium copper chlorophyllin and copper), white mulberry leaf extract (source of sodium copper chlorophyllin, 1-DNJ – 1-deoxynojirimycin, and copper), inulin (natural prebiotic), chlorella (standardised for 50% protein), kale herb extract, broccoli herb extract, spinach leaf extract, green parsley leaf extract, nettle herb extract, Lynside® Forte Se+ 2000 (inactivated yeast enriched with selenium)

What makes the DetoxUP green smoothie different?

• A pleasant way to get a daily dose of green detox – a healthy part of your diet

• The green power of chlorophyllin and chlorophyll – not from one but from several different natural sources

• Not just chlorophyll – a synergistic combination of many (up to 11!) unique ingredients and natural extracts for a more complete and effective action

• Source of valuable substances, such as selenium, copper, inulin (natural prebiotic), and 1-DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin)

• Convenient powder form – a quick and easy way to make a serving of green smoothie 

• Natural extracts, no artificial additives, and a great taste of green apple

Each DetoxUP package contains 30 servings of the green smoothie (for a full month of supplementation), a measuring cup for measuring servings, and a colourful booklet with key information about the supplement.

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