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Larens Dermo Cosmeceuticals

🔴Today, on the International Day of Psoriasis, it is worth remembering that although struggling with this disease is not easy, those affected by psoriasis are not alone in this battle. 

♥. #Larens #Dermo is a line dedicated to skin that requires special treatment. The main players of the preparations with the red label are fish collagen peptides in the #BiopeptideComplex and ectoine. 

🔺It is a unique and truly exclusive substance, obtained from the so-called extremophiles, microorganisms that produce it. Due to ectoine, they can live even in the most extreme conditions – high UV radiation, arctic frost or volcanic heat. 

💓As a component of Dermo  preparations, ectoine is extremely moisturizing, stabilizing and protective. Cream, washing gel emulsion or spray serum are proven support in the treatment of skin diseases, not only psoriasis, but also atopic dermatitis, symptoms of skin allergies, acne or diaper dermatitis.

🟥Produced in the Organic Plus formula, they are free of parabens, PEGs, have only safe preservatives, they are free from mineral oils, artificial colors and fragrances.

#LoveYourSkin #ectoine #sensitiveskin

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