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New vitamin C

As you know, shortly after pandemic was announced, the amount of Nutrivi Vitamin C+ in our warehouse started shrinking rapidly, only to be completely sold out. 
The production of the new batch that we are all awaiting (and rightly so) has been paused i.a. by the limited resources and logistics capacity. We know that you are waiting for it to come back to our shop, so we are letting you know, that according to our calculations, Vitamin C+ should be available again by the end of May 2020. 
We wouldn’t want to leave you without a replacement, so we have introduced to our offer Nutrivi Aronia Cwhich is meant as a temporary alternative for the Vitamin C+. We hope that the good concentration of the key ingredient, affordable price, and a practical form of the product will convince you to make a purchase and will sweeten the awaiting time before your favourite Vitamin C+ appears again.
Stay healthy!

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