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Skin toner Repair + Toner

Skin toner – is it worth including it in your daily care? 𝑻𝒐𝒕𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚!It has a very important mission to complete 🦸 As a result of cleansing, the natural pH of the skin increases to a level at which the skin becomes defenseless, susceptible to irritation and bacterial infections😈 The skin toner applied after cleansing T O N E S the skin, i.e. restores the skin’s slightly acidic pH and balance, which gives it strength and resistance🛡 💙And when the tonic is a S U P E R T O N…

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Repair + Milk & Repair + Tonik

🙌Yes, we know you have been waiting a while for these two beauties. Forgive us, but we had to make sure that you would receive really exceptional products: with perfectly composed formulas, doing their job perfectly, to which your skin would respond in the way we dreamed🌟  💓We are so pleased! They have been in your hands since yesterday: Repair+ Milk and Repair+ Toner, we hope that they will stay with you for good! 🧴PS. Do you prefer to use a pump? For the sake of the environment, we sell…

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Take Care proper of your face

Skin care specialist Tatiana Adamczyk-Marciniak Mature skin of the face at least once every two weeks is worth peeling and stimulating renewal. To this end, ENZYMATIC PEELING will be perfect. Every skin requires regular cleansing, smoothing and removing the layer of dead epidermis, which not only loads it and covers it with a gray layer, but also clogs pores, causing irritation, roughness and dryness. Unpurified skin finds it harder to absorb the active ingredients of skincare products that remain on its surface, unable to break through the layer of calloused…

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