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Take care of your hands

Take care of your hands 

The time has come to introduce the  new product from Larens. Please meet the absolute premiere, A rich hand and foot cream with liposome collagen and urea – the Rich Cream Hands & Feet. 

10% Urea  moisturizes intensively but it does not peel, Liposomal Collagen Complex saturates the skin with collagen. Contains the complex of the components soothing irritation, smoothening and accelerating regeneration – gluconolactone, zinc gluconate, D-panthenol and allantoin. Biotin and Vitamin E stimulate the processes and strengthen the skin and nails.

How does the Rich Cream works? Like regenerative compress for dried and rough skin:

  • It increases moisture of the skin
  • softens and smoothens the skin
  • soothes irritation, for example caused by detergents
  • eliminates itching and feeling of skin tension
  • accelerates regeneration of the skin
  • provides relief for dry, rough, chapped skin

It works! Try it now

PS. Rich Cream Hands & Feet is also available in the Larens Professional Line – in a large, 400 ml bottle with a pump.

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