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Which cannabis products are safe?

How can you be sure the CBD products you buy or sell are safe .


By Canabidol Head Office

Posted on Friday, June 28th, 2019 at 21:54 by Canabidol™ Head Office

CBD supplements now outsell vitamin C supplements and can be found on nearly every high street across the country. However a new report conducted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis that tested over 30 oil products available in the UK has identified some worrying concerns for retailers of CBD products.   

  • More than half of the most popular CBD oils sold at high-street chemists, health shops and online do not contain the level of CBD promised on the label. In one case it was found that a product sold at a high street pharmacy contained no CBD at all.
  • Nearly a third of the products tested had unsafe and unlawful levels of contaminants resulting from heavy metals and residual solvents.
  • Even more worryingly, half the products contained controlled substances including THC, that could result in retailers being prosecuted for supply of class B drugs which can carry a custodial sentence at Her Majesty’s pleasure of up to 14 years.

While the market is awash with sub-standard, fraudulent, unsafe and illegal products the risks for retailers are substantial.

How do you know if a product is safe, legal and most importantly as described?

At Canabidol™ one of the UK’s longest standing and largest CBD producers, the commitment to excellence in the development of their products and the transparently around them has been one of the cornerstones of the business since it was founded in 2015.

When it comes to ensuring that a product contains the amount of CBD as promised on the label, Canabidol™ goes above and beyond not just any other CBD company, but quite possibly the entire food industry. Every single product is tested by state of the art analytical equipment and a batch number that is printed on every product can be used to access the analytical test report for the product you have in your hand.

These are publicly available on This method of batch by batch testing and full transparency through the publishing of the analytical reports, means that the methods employed are the most open to scrutiny within the industry.

With over 1500+ lab reports that can be traced back from the batch number on any of the 1 million+ products produced, there is no more credible or robust assurance that the CBD content is accurate.

Tom Whettem CEO of Canabidol™ states, “It provides the ability to validate any of these thousands of lab reports we have published. All analytical testing results should be scrutinised and we welcome the process as a demonstration of our confidence in our results.”

Not only do Canabidol™ publish the analytical data for the cannabinoid content, all products are also tested to ensure they do not contain unwanted and unsafe contaminants, heavy metals, microbials and pesticides.

“With this robust data to back up the credibility of Canabidol™ products, you can be sure that not only are they legal and safe, but they are as described”

The sister company of Canabidol™, British Cannabis®, also produces many of the other major brands of CBD that you will see online and in the high street. Through its early entry into the market and its continued investment into its company, facilities, staff and knowledge., they have  positioned themselves as the foremost experts in the field of consumer cannabis products.

At the core of this is the commitment to compliance and good practice, not only for the group of companies and the products they produce , but the whole  industry moving forwards.

The challenge of other brands in the marketplace, that more often than not do not meet the required standards in law, has also been an area the Chief Executive of Canabidol™ and British Cannabis® has invested a considerable amount of time into.

Spearheading the formation of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) back in 2016, which is now the largest trade body of its type globally. Looking after the commercial interests of the consumer cannabis sector and engaging with government both in the UK and Europe.

The Association with over 800 members represents a large proportion of the industry and compliance is a fundamental part of the membership requirements. While the  CTA has become  synonymous with good practice and compliant products, a trade body can only go so far.

Anticipating further self regulation of the industry being required, which is supported by the recent report published by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, a new initiative was launched a few weeks back at the CTA Conference in Birmingham.

TrustCanna has been established with the support of the CTA  and under the guidance and expert advice of the Canabidol™ and British Cannabis® CEO Tom Whettem, following consultation with government departments around developing a sensible policy for cannabis products.

Its a testament to the high levels of compliance we see in the products produced by this market leading brand and the expert knowledge of the regulatory frameworks that are demonstrated through their business operations.  Moving forward, we now hope to see this adopted across the industry.

Hugh McKeown, CEO of TrustCanna, is asking all businesses involved in the legal CBD industry to sign-up to its new register with the aim of raising standards. In doing so it will lead to the TrustCanna seal of approval being incorporated into the packaging of all of the CBD and hemp food, cosmetics and vaping products of participating companies.

Speaking at the CTA’s annual conference in Birmingham recently, Hugh said: “The TrustCanna seal will demonstrate to consumers and regulators that these products are verifiable and fit for purpose.

“Our eventual aim is to see the TrustCanna mark carry the same status as the Fairtrade, Vegan and Organic Soil Association ones, and for TrustCanna’s approval to be recognised across the U.K., Europe and eventually the global industry.”

So while it is true that millions of people are currently being misled by rouge CBD companies in the market. There are also many brands like Canabidol™ that are not just getting it right, producing safe, legal and trusted products, but are paving the way with their transparent commercial operations and spearheading the industry to better practices that are in the consumers and businesses best interest.    

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