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How do peptides work?

Although in the Polish proverb fish have no voice, for certain they have a lot to say regarding regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. The history of the ‘Polish collagen’ has its beginning in exotic waters, explored by the young scientist Andrzej Frydrychowski. The observation of wounded fish, which, despite favourable conditions for pathogenic bacteria miraculously returned to health, caused him to believe in the possibility that

in the skin of fish there are strong substances accelerating the regeneration process.

After years this thesis was proven by scientists from Gdańsk – while searching for cancer medication a method was discovered for obtaining collagen from fish skins. This substance was quickly “caught” by the cosmetic industry and hailed as a breakthrough step in the fight for young skin – for up till now no other cosmetic has given such spectacular anti-ageing effects. During subsequent research collagen continued to surprise: it turned out to be a brilliant agent for problems with burns, scars, skin problems and… joint pains.
Such a broad spectrum of action encouraged Mr. Frydrychowski to conduct further analysis of “fish derivatives”. An important issue was left to be resolved:

collagen molecules are too large to reach the deeper layers of the skin and but still they operate. Why?

It turned out that under the influence of temperature on the skin surface collagen breaks down into smaller molecules – amino acids and peptides, and due to their properties carry valuable ingredients deep into the skin.

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  • The effects of using Larens cosmeceuticals containing Biopeptide Complex (peptide serum Hair&Body Repair Spray and Face Gel) for 6 weeks.
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  • The effect of using Larens Silver Face Gel containing Biopeptide Complex for 28 days.

The next step was to develop methods of breaking down fish collagen into peptides. Its author is the previously mentioned Andrzej Frydrychowski, today a world famous scientist with title of professor. The Biopeptide Complex he created present in Larens preparations, has proved to be the most effective anti-ageing substance in the world, thank to which the slogan “Revolution without scalpel” is not any exaggeration. The stimulated synthesis of collagen as confirmed by tests has reached unprecedented levels. Frydrychowski’s method also included a method to compact peptides tenfold, which became the beginning of the idea to create the Nutrivi line of nutraceuticals – supplements based on natural ingredients.

In this way the beneficial effects of fish peptides could be used not only within beauty and skin health, but also the recovery of the entire body’s balance.

Numerous reports started to be received on the effectiveness of the preparations in the regeneration of joints, the regulation of the immune system and the improvement of the overall condition of the organism. Athletes and therapists, who after a short time couldn’t imagine their work without the use of, e.g. peptide drinks, began to be interested in this topic. The effect of more than a decade of working with Prof. Andrzej Frydrychowski is a source of our pride, because as the only company in the world we have a patent for the acquisition of bioactive collagen and fish peptides from the skins of selected fish.

How do peptides work?

  • They carry active components deep into the skin and body
  • They increase the thickness of the dermis and epidermis
  • They stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
  • They brighter and even out skin tones – are they helpful in the fight against discoloration and photoageing of the skin inhibit the activity of metalloproteinases (ageing enzymes)
  • They have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving actions – they alleviate the effects of mechanical, chemical and environmental factors
  • They regulate the angiogenesis process – the formation of capillaries
  • They increase the elasticity of the skin
  • They provide essential building blocks to rebuild collagen present in many organs of the body (cartilage, joints, nails, hair, eyeballs, liver)

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