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Larens professional line

Larens Professional will never fail you, the effects of treatments using our formulations are guaranteed. You can be sure that the brand meeting will delight your clients and customers, and their reactions will bring you unjust satisfaction from work and so important certainty that you will meet regularly.

More than 1300 cosmetic cabinets in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Uk have trusted the brand Larens Professional, highlighting the strengths of thepreparations: rich warehouses, high concentrations of active ingredients , quality and performance of products and a great freedom to compose your own treatments.

Join us and become the next unique point on the map of the cabinets working with the Larens Professional preparations. You can also expand the prestigious group of WellU Partner cabinets-places where at the highest level proves the anti-aging effectiveness of our preparations. Places that are at your fingertips, which offer an easily accessible, comprehensive skincare service to all, designed to the young, vital look and high demands on the effectiveness of the treatments performed.

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