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Larens Dermo cosmeceutical series

Larens Dermo cosmeceutical series for sensitive, irritated skin requiring special treatment are a perfect solution for the entire family – babies and seniors included. It contains, alongside the Biopeptide Complex, an incredibly precious ectoine which exhibits strongly hydrating, soothing and protecting properties that are so helpful when dealing with a problematic skin of the entire body, also during dermatological treatments. All of that composed in an Organic Plus formula – free of any unnecessary additions.  Starting today you can buy cosmeceuticals from the Larens Dermo series with a 20% discount*.…

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Bioactive Fish Peptides

What are the bioactive fish peptides?  They are natural-origin (fish skin) proteins that anticipate an organism’s needs at a given moment. The Biopeptide Complex mostly contains chains of 7 up to 29 amino acids. How do bioactive fish peptides work? Depending on their structure they play various roles in the organism: signalizing, relaxing, and transporting. As proven by research, peptides contained in Biopeptide Complex are directly linked to the increase of the HSP’s (heat shock proteins) activity, also known as the “care proteins”. These proteins naturally occur in the organism…

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