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Larens in press – Kosmetologia Estetyczna (Aesthetic Cosmetology)

Our skin requires the most tender care and attention. After all, we wear it every day throughout our entire life. As the years go by and we get new wrinkles, we think more and more about anti-ageing treatments.  And once the topic of non-invasive rejuvenation is considered, collagen ignites a particular interest. And it just so happens, that we are experts in this particular field.  The latest issue 5/20 of the bimonthly publication “Kosmetologia Estetyczna” (Aesthetic Cosmetology) is out. Inside you will find the hottest product of Larens – Liposomal…

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Nutrivi LipoVitumC liposomal Vitamin C

An absolute novelty from Nutrivi – an innovative preparation, prepared under the guidance of specialists from the WellU Scientific Council. Meet Nutrivi LipoVitum C – liposomal vitamin C in a liquid, easily digestible form.Essential for normal functioning of our organisms, vitamin C has been contained in a perfect carrier – liposomes. Liposomes not only do an amazing job in transporting vitamin C to the correct action spot, but they also prolong its durability, efficiency, and effectiveness of absorption, they also contribute to extending its presence in the organism. The liposomal formula protects vitamin…

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